Feral Cats

We’ve been getting a lot of complaints from business owners, home owners and grounds managers about the issues of feral cat colonies. This has been and continues to be an ongoing issue that is very difficult to manage. Of course cats indoors is a viable solution. We would like to here from cat owners about solutions of control when they let their pets outdoors.

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Feral Cat Control Inc.

Feral Cat Control Inc. strives to: Advance and maintain sustainable habitat and environmental conditions for native species, educate about critical concerns facing endangered animal populations and promote healthy, safe pet ownership. Promote the control of feral, non native, or overpopulated animal species in and around sensitive natural areas. Organize and educate in the rescue, relocation or adoption of both feral and domestic species.




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We are now registered at Amazon.com in their Amazon/Smile program. They will donate part of your purchase when you make a place an order. just use the link below when you visit Amazon.

Feral Cat Control Inc

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New Web Design

Feral Cat Control has a new look. Thanks to The talents and efforts of Desiree Porter our long outdated site has a fresh and vibrant appeal. Now it’s up to the Directors, Officers and Volunteers to do as much as possible to help keep natural the beautiful State of Florida.

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