Diverse Florida

The State of Florida has some of the most diverse landscapes and ecosystems that can be found. Because of it’s growing population and swelling urban areas Florida is faced with many of the same challenges as other States as well as some unique ones also.

There are the obvious situations such as habitat destruction, pollution, water usage and road kills. But there are also some challenges that cannot be overlooked such as the management of many threatened and endangered species. Also, the myriad of cultural diversities is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Although this mixture of peoples and cultures can create a vivid and exciting place to live it also creates an intertwined set of challenges for individuals, businesses and local and state government as well.

With much of the focus centered around running the cities and urban areas sometimes the environment and animal life is left to fend for itself for awhile. This creates situations that are overlooked and become distressed until there is time and resources to manage them later.

Residents and tourists can easily see the effects of runaway vegetation all over South Florida, creating a monumental task to be cleaned up later. Thanks to the diligence and care of some officials the problem is kept under observation and some sort of control.

There are also many animals that can become quite a nuisance and a burden not only to native wildlife but also to humans. Sometimes the invasive animals can also be very threatening and dangerous. When an alligator gets to close to a populated area and begins being fed it can become quite deadly to small animals and even people. When this happens the alligator is usually removed to different place and even sometimes destroyed.

There are many situations that arise in the wild and in urban areas with many different species of exotic, invasive, feral, domestic and even native species. Feral Cat Control Inc will help to restore Florida to a natural native area when ever we are able to. We welcome your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and criticisms.

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