About FCC

Feral Cat Control Inc. is a 501c(3) not for profit organization that was established to address the growing problem of invasive species of plants and animals in Florida. We are a non profit corporation formed to identify conditions within the State of Florida that are causing native wildlife to diminish in numbers or creating a hardship for survival. We are interested in implementing current and innovative methods to diminish any negative effect of exotic, feral and introduced species of plants and animals, on native plants and wildlife.

There are Government agencies, other organizations and individuals that share a common interest with our task. Feral Cat Control will work with and around these organizations to help develop the most effective methods. Public education and awareness is one of the best tools available for the benefit of all. Educated residents are the front line to success. One of our goals is to assist in promoting public education.

Wildlife habitat is disappearing at a significant rate. Slowing the reduction of habitat will help wildlife to adjust. We also promote the restoration of remaining wild areas for optimal populations of wildlife.

There are many different exotic species that are putting pressure on the survival of native species. We will help where ever possible to reduce the impact of these exotic species. There are some outstanding efforts already in place to accomplish these goals. There are also many groups with many different agendas. The survival and coexistence of animals is the ultimate goal. Our organization will work with these other programs. We will also relocate animals when it is necessary.

We will assist whenever possible with the management of wildlife or the corrective measures that are necessary to accomplish our stated goals. We will rely on one of the best game management commissions in the United States, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, for their knowledge. Our activities will follow their agendas and programs that coincide with our abilities.

Feral Cat Control is a publicly funded non profit corporation founded to help keep Florida one of the best places to live and visit.